Left Turn?

Please excuse me for one moment while I indulge in a slight harangue. I love boarding the aircraft and really take personal pride in greeting everyone of our passengers. That can be over 300  people per flight. However, I guarantee when I ever I am boarding I hear the same joke at least four times.  There is always one person who has to say this. The individual who has to say the joke that has been heard a million times: “Can I not turn left” followed by their own laughter! I am sorry ladies and gentleman but what am I supposed to respond with? “……Uh NO!” It’s not a joke and it’s not funny! So why say it? Do you expect the flight attendant to say: “Of course sir just follow me and I will show you your seat in First Class” In an ideal world I wish I could do that. The public seems to think we have a magical power that we just sprinkle our fairy dust and we can have everyone in First Class! If I upgraded someone I would lose my job. So if you are one of those who is thinking of telling me that joke next time I direct you to your seat (You know who you are), please save yourself the bother. It’s not funny and it will not get you anywhere. It just makes me feel awkward and lost for words. Which is when I just smile and pretend I have not heard you. Rant over! Thank you


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