Flying With Fear?

I have never experienced the anxiety caused by flying. I can however, fully empathise with it.  The main reason, I believe, it occurs is due to people’s lack of control over their environment. Speaking to a lot of my passengers, I am always shocked by the amount of people who are fearful of flying.  With a lot of my customers the fear seems to increase with age. Nine times out of ten I have to coax people on the flight as they are trembling with fear throughout their body. Yet half way through the flight I check  how they are coping and they are sitting there with a huge smile on their face not knowing where in the sky  they are….I would love to know what they have taken!! With recent events in the aviation world the subject of ‘fear of flying’ is spoken about often by my passengers. I always get asked if I am scared. Honestly…NO. And never have I been. I think of it like this. I am more scared of getting in a car over an aeroplane. You hear about car crashes frequently, but not plane crashes! Flying as a mode of transport is much more regulated and monitored than driving therefore making it far safer. I feel more of out of harms way flying peacefully amongst the clouds than the noisy dangers of a motor-way. Everyone who works on making that flight safe, has been through vigorously training. Many roles  in the aviation sector have to take regular exams. If we fail those exams we lose our jobs. You really are in great hands when you are 30000 ft in the air. Many people have been part of that process to make you safe up there. Not just the pilots and crew but people on the ground like engineers, security staff and many more. I have been flying for years. I know dozens of people who have been in a car crash, yet I have never met anyone who has been in a plane crash!


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