I have just had the pleasure of spending 24 hours in The Windy City. This city is in  my top five American cities. It has such an understated buzz about town. Its peacful, chilled (unlike the polticians who were the cause for its nickname) yet a never ending sense of excitment. There is so much to explore here. I started by wondering along The Navy Peir. A nostagic peir full of every tacky amusemnt possible. I think anyone could fimd something here to remind them of thier childhood; ice cream, candy floss, amsumemt rides, fast food, water, boat tours, toy shops and a lovely sense of fun.
It was a beautiful day and I was filled with contentment as I strolled along the pier with the sun warming skin and my eyes fixed on the impressive Chicago skyline.
Something that I always asociate with this city is ART! Surprisenly every corner you turn you there is something to remind you that at the heart of the city is a creative flaire. Art galleries, musems, scuptulers, The Bean, and beautiful artitecure.
One recomendation I must give is for breakfast. It an all American cafe called WestEggs Cafe. It is 620 N Fairbanks. Its easy to finda typical diner anywhere in the US, but this is wortha vist. Now at first glance you wil judge to decor for being outdated, you might even think you have walked onto a set of ‘Saved By The Bell’ but join the queue and you will not be dissapointed. The menu  here is extensive to say the least! Who knew how many different ways there was of having eggs for breakfast. I was spoiled for choice and intrigued by so many different flavour combinations. Go and try it you will be amazed. There is even a great choice for the more health conscious of you out there!


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