Female chivary

I get public transport to work. It’s just easier after a long haul flight than trying to drive while you have been awake  for 28 hours. I always have luggage with me and sometimes I have to battle with the stairs. It amazes me that I am pushed and shoved  by commuters like a pack if wild animals trying to over take me. I never expect help carrying my luggage as it’s my responsibility. However, I am shocked at how little it is offered.; And when it is, nine times out of ten it is a female. It always makes me smile as it is such a kind thought to slow down your day to help a stranger. Rarely do I accept as it’s my own fault if I have shopped to much and my case is heavy! This has increased my awareness of strangers needing my help. I often see women struggling with pushchairs down the stairs while swarms of men push by. I will always offer to help, as  little kindness can go a long way.

 It’s nice to see female chivalry is not dead.


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