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To recline or not?

According to all the media reports I keep reading it seems the a flight was forced to divert due a dissruptive passenger. The cause for his behaviour was apparently due to a recline seat.

This sort of reaction does seem slightly over the top but is all too common. These occurances are one of the most common problems I become negotietor for in my job. It always shocking to find people double my age asking me to sort out this problem. We are all humans and we all were taught in our youth, use your words not your fists!

I have seen grown men shout at several women. One man shout at a 9 year girl, 2 men punch someone, and around 50 people shouting and cursing at each other. All over a reclined seat! So this report of the US flight hardley surprises me.
Why the tension? I think its how one approaches the recline. We all hope we do not have a recliner in front of us. I even have to admit to doing the old knee agaisnt the seat trick so they think thier recline is broken. You can even but gadets to help yoy with this task now.

If it is a day flight, there is no need. Just sit up and watch a movie. Its better for your posture anyway.

If its a short flight, Its reallynot worth impedeing somone elses leg room for.

If its a long flight or a night flight and you have to recline your seat following my handy tips to avoid any confrentations:

1. Talk. Just ask the person behind you.
2. Do it with a smile (always helps)
3. Just recline a little to begin with then after an hour recline a little lowrr
4. Wait for the lights to go out before the recline on a night flight
5. NEVER recline a seat while your are being served a meal. Have you ever tried eating a meal right under chin!
6. Do not ask a 20 year old flight attendent to sort out your argrument. Your adults communicate and compromise.

Hopefully you will then arrive at your destination relaxed and avoid a deiversion over something so trival!