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Travel is where the heart is

Everyone of us constantly finds ourself in a social situation where we are defined by our job. When meeting new people for pleasure or business I find myself trying to avoid all avenues of bringing up the question:

“So…..What do you do?”

The best response I have ever had to this question is:

“Why…..I play golf and go to lunch of course!”

I try and scurry around the questions and just reply:

“ I work at the airport”

It’s the simplest and most vague answer I can give. My husband does the same.

The reason for this is that there seems to be only two responses to this statement. First of all a brief “oh” and then the conversation quickly hurried on about another subject, or a million questions about how exciting it is to be cabin crew And a rendition of every minute detail of what has happened to that person regarding anything remotely associated with an aeroplane.

The problem I face socially here is I sound ungrateful for all the beautiful countries and the world’s wonders I see for no cost to myself. The thing is, I do not see it like that. There is so much beauty and adventure to be had around the world and I am glad to have experienced it. However, the experience becomes somewhat hollow when you are alone. Sometimes I share the adventure with friends but it’s usually me gate crashing a couples trip of life time. Like the time I decided to go horse-riding St Lucia and the only other people on the tour were on honeymoon. #cringe

It has taught me that travel is were the heart is! Do be mistaken, It is great to see the wonders and vibrancy of the world. I would just rather be enjoying the coast line of England on a grey day with people I love than at the top of the tallest buildings in the world with a breathtaking view, solo.


To recline or not?

According to all the media reports I keep reading it seems the a flight was forced to divert due a dissruptive passenger. The cause for his behaviour was apparently due to a recline seat.

This sort of reaction does seem slightly over the top but is all too common. These occurances are one of the most common problems I become negotietor for in my job. It always shocking to find people double my age asking me to sort out this problem. We are all humans and we all were taught in our youth, use your words not your fists!

I have seen grown men shout at several women. One man shout at a 9 year girl, 2 men punch someone, and around 50 people shouting and cursing at each other. All over a reclined seat! So this report of the US flight hardley surprises me.
Why the tension? I think its how one approaches the recline. We all hope we do not have a recliner in front of us. I even have to admit to doing the old knee agaisnt the seat trick so they think thier recline is broken. You can even but gadets to help yoy with this task now.

If it is a day flight, there is no need. Just sit up and watch a movie. Its better for your posture anyway.

If its a short flight, Its reallynot worth impedeing somone elses leg room for.

If its a long flight or a night flight and you have to recline your seat following my handy tips to avoid any confrentations:

1. Talk. Just ask the person behind you.
2. Do it with a smile (always helps)
3. Just recline a little to begin with then after an hour recline a little lowrr
4. Wait for the lights to go out before the recline on a night flight
5. NEVER recline a seat while your are being served a meal. Have you ever tried eating a meal right under chin!
6. Do not ask a 20 year old flight attendent to sort out your argrument. Your adults communicate and compromise.

Hopefully you will then arrive at your destination relaxed and avoid a deiversion over something so trival!



I have just had the pleasure of spending 24 hours in The Windy City. This city is in  my top five American cities. It has such an understated buzz about town. Its peacful, chilled (unlike the polticians who were the cause for its nickname) yet a never ending sense of excitment. There is so much to explore here. I started by wondering along The Navy Peir. A nostagic peir full of every tacky amusemnt possible. I think anyone could fimd something here to remind them of thier childhood; ice cream, candy floss, amsumemt rides, fast food, water, boat tours, toy shops and a lovely sense of fun.
It was a beautiful day and I was filled with contentment as I strolled along the pier with the sun warming skin and my eyes fixed on the impressive Chicago skyline.
Something that I always asociate with this city is ART! Surprisenly every corner you turn you there is something to remind you that at the heart of the city is a creative flaire. Art galleries, musems, scuptulers, The Bean, and beautiful artitecure.
One recomendation I must give is for breakfast. It an all American cafe called WestEggs Cafe. It is 620 N Fairbanks. Its easy to finda typical diner anywhere in the US, but this is wortha vist. Now at first glance you wil judge to decor for being outdated, you might even think you have walked onto a set of ‘Saved By The Bell’ but join the queue and you will not be dissapointed. The menu  here is extensive to say the least! Who knew how many different ways there was of having eggs for breakfast. I was spoiled for choice and intrigued by so many different flavour combinations. Go and try it you will be amazed. There is even a great choice for the more health conscious of you out there!

“Lets fly way u…

“Lets fly way up to the clouds
Away from the maddening crowds”

So the old song goes! I have to disagree. After years of flying I can confirm the maddening crowds are up in the clouds too! There is no escaping them. With the worlds largest passenger jet now capable of holding 853 people, the clouds are no longer a tranquil place!

This is a blog about the stories that you do not get to hear. The good, the bad and the ugly! This is my story of life in the skies and about some amazing people I have met and some bizarre situations I have found myself in!

I do really love my job and one of the best things about it is the access it gives me to the world. I am based in London yet I do my weekly shop in New York, have my tailor in China and have my manicures in a luxury spa in South Africa. I will be giving you lots of great and up to date recommendations of what to do at destinations! So keep reading and enjoy.