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Travel is where the heart is

Everyone of us constantly finds ourself in a social situation where we are defined by our job. When meeting new people for pleasure or business I find myself trying to avoid all avenues of bringing up the question:

“So…..What do you do?”

The best response I have ever had to this question is:

“Why…..I play golf and go to lunch of course!”

I try and scurry around the questions and just reply:

“ I work at the airport”

It’s the simplest and most vague answer I can give. My husband does the same.

The reason for this is that there seems to be only two responses to this statement. First of all a brief “oh” and then the conversation quickly hurried on about another subject, or a million questions about how exciting it is to be cabin crew And a rendition of every minute detail of what has happened to that person regarding anything remotely associated with an aeroplane.

The problem I face socially here is I sound ungrateful for all the beautiful countries and the world’s wonders I see for no cost to myself. The thing is, I do not see it like that. There is so much beauty and adventure to be had around the world and I am glad to have experienced it. However, the experience becomes somewhat hollow when you are alone. Sometimes I share the adventure with friends but it’s usually me gate crashing a couples trip of life time. Like the time I decided to go horse-riding St Lucia and the only other people on the tour were on honeymoon. #cringe

It has taught me that travel is were the heart is! Do be mistaken, It is great to see the wonders and vibrancy of the world. I would just rather be enjoying the coast line of England on a grey day with people I love than at the top of the tallest buildings in the world with a breathtaking view, solo.